How your taxes break down


Summer 2017 Taxes [Taxes collected by Twp for other entities]

       Rates per $1,000 Taxable Value

Community College                    1.77660

School Debt                                     4.10000

School Operations                   [18.00000]      [Primary residents are exempt]

State Education                             6.00000

RESA - Spec Ed                               3.36780

RESA - Gen Oper                           0.09650

RESA - Enhance                              2.00000

Wayne County                                5.64830  

      Total tax per $1,000 Taxable Value             22.9892

Administration fee - 1% of taxes                              .2298

NOTE:  Summer taxes are administered, billed, and collected by the Assessing Dept. and Treasurer and then redistributed to schools and entities other than Plymouth Township.  None of your summer tax dollars go to fund Township operations.

In recent years, the costs to cover the Assessing and Treasurer costs were deducted from the township General Fund.  These expenses amounted to approximately $650,000 deducted from the General Fund to cover costs of administering taxes for outside entities.  The 1% Admin. Fee will cover those costs and allow the Township to use the limited General Fund to cover necessary expenses, such as Public Safety.  The Administration Fee was, at one time, levied on Plymouth Twp. taxes.  It is currently levied by many neighboring communities.  

Winter Taxes 2019

      Rates per $1,000 Taxable Value        

Township                                           0.81540      [Local Twp. taxes]

Police - Fire (1)                               1.63120       [5.2011 mills]

Police - Fire (2)                               0.56180

Police - Fire (3)                               1.20000

Fire                                                        0.99270  


Wayne County                                0.98970      [Wayne Cty taxes]

WC Jail                                                0.93810

WC Parks                                           0.24590

WC Zoo Authority                        0.10000

WC Art Institute                            0.20000

HCMA                                                  0.21290

Plymouth Library                           1.46150     [Library tax]

     Total tax per $1,000 Taxable Value               9.3492

Administration fee - 1% of taxes                           .08159

NOTE:  Winter taxes fund Township operations along with public safety - Township Fire/EMS and Police. They also cover Wayne County operations and the Plymouth District Library.

How do Plymouth Twp. taxes compare?


How do Ply. Twp. local taxes, those used for local operations, compare with neighboring communities?

          Plymouth Township      5.2011

          Northville Township      8.6564

          Canton Township         10.9000

          City of Livonia               14.0380

          City of Northville         15.3484

          City of Plymouth          16.2734